Thursday, 9 June 2016

Surti Locho Recipe / Gujarati Street Food Recipe / Healthy Gujarati Snack Recipe ~ ' Locho Thai Gayo Re '

I write to liberate all the beautiful, confused, happy, sad, bad and good thoughts which remain in the closet of my mind. Mind, I say cause, the heart has a strong filter and allows only thoughts laced with love. For me writing in this blog, is totally like adding wings and letting my thoughts fly out into the realms of my dreams, traverse lands where simplicity and goodness abounds. Whenever I write, almost all the time I like to dwell in a beautiful life full of simple joys, multiplying laughter, subtracting hatred. Well, at least the time my fingers flies over the letters on the keyboards, I like to believe that such a land exists.

Monday, 11 April 2016

Grilled Vegetable Pasta Salad With Sunflower Seeds And Curry Leaf Pesto ~ Hello Summer

Have you tried clasping sunshine in your palms ? I used to do that often as a child. With the onset of the summer months, the commencement of the summer holidays from school, life would be one joyous ride, with a dozen cousins of all sizes, who too would come visiting during their summer holidays. Playing hide and seek in one such hot summer day, I had hidden behind the huge grand old banana tree in our backyard. As the sun peeped through its long ribbed green leaves it created different types of pattern on my legs. Small triangles, circles, squares and a solo hexagon , tiny golden patterns all over my legs and I had forgotten all about the game I was in , too busy in my attempt to clasp these golden shapes of sunshine in my palms. Thinking about that afternoon and how simple and full of innocence the ways of the mind were, never fails to light up a smile on my lips, as radiant as the sunshine, eons away under the banana tree. 

Saturday, 9 April 2016

Murshidabad Murgir Korma Recipe / Chicken Korma ( Murshidabad Style ) Recipe / Poila Boishakh Special Recipes ~ Shubho Nobo Borsho

The day after the grand Ugadi celebrations and a whole week of feasting, one would have thought that everyone in the family would want to cool off their heels and also give the tummy the much required rest. But, my family, always supercharged, both in terms of activity and food is already ready for action and has by now expressed their desire to have a non-vegetarian lunch, as a week of savouring on vegetarian fare has given rise to their carnivorous appetite. I was sitting at the table sipping into my cup of ginger tea and contemplating what to cook, when the phone rang. It was my Ma calling and I was elated because not only would I get to pour my heart out to her, as I always do in each and every conversation, but also she would give me the idea of what to cook for lunch. The conversation started with Dia (as it always does ), Ugadi celebrations and then went on to Poila Boishakh ( Bengali New Year Celebration ) which is on the 15th of this month. 

Friday, 8 April 2016

Atukula Payasam Recipe / Ugadi Recipes / Poha Kheer Recipe / Flattened Rice Pudding Recipe ~ Ugadi Special


Dear friends and my valuable readers, wishing all of you who are celebrating the advent of New Beginnings today, loads of Success, Smiles, Good Health And Life's Finest, always for you. This is my final post in the Ugadi Special celebrations series for 2016. As we dawn our fineries and head out to pray and wish others, I am enveloped with gratitude and hope. Truly thankful for all the blessings, love and support I have received from all quarters. Very Hopeful that the New Year will bring with it loads of peace and shower my life and that of my loved ones and every person who has touched my life in some way or the other, with Good And Happy things. Both me and Mum-in-law have been up at the crack of dawn, to give final touches to all the things which will be included in today's celebrations and prayers. Also, we have got most of the food ready, so that right after the completion of rituals, we can head to the scrumptious spread of my mum-in-law's fares and some of mine too.

Thursday, 7 April 2016

Challa Punugulu Recipe / Ugadi Recipes / Refined Wheat Flour And ButterMilk Fritters Recipe ~ Ugadi Special


New beginnings always brings with it a lot of hope, happiness and a sense that everything around you will take a turn for the better. I too am hoping for the same as Ugadi heralds its way into our lives once again, bringing with it good luck, health, prosperity and all round joy. Sitting amidst a bunch of friends who have come home to commence the Ugadi celebrations, even in all the din and chatter, my mind still walks out with a loud wish that there will peace in the World and my little one will grow in a surrounding of love and compassion, where every person is only judged by his/her deeds and not by any other parameters and violence and senseless acts paining others are unheard of. Honestly dear friends if Ugadi can bring in with it a wave, which would wash away any trace of hatred from every part of our globe, how wonderful it would be. A wave which splashes ever child in this world with warmth and smiles, a healthy environment where they grow to spread harmony and well being of one and all. I truly hope that this Ugadi brings with it this and much much more.

Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Holige Saaru Recipe / Ugadi Recipes / Obbattu Saaru Recipe ~ Ugadi Special


Dear friends, Ugadi is just a day away, so the festive fervour has reached it's crescendo in my home. All the silverware, copperware & brassware are out, polished and shinning, ready to be part of the celebratory rituals, the day after tomorrow. New clothes are being paired with bangles, neckpieces and bindis, even nail paints, to get the right match, in time to be donned on the festive day. Few friends will be visiting today, tomorrow and offcourse on the day of Ugadi, there will be lots of friends coming over to share with us the festivities. Overall there is not a single dull moment in my home. Lots of things happening in all sections, but as usual the prime activity is totally kitchen centric. The whole house is being flooded with the aroma of ghee, which my mum-in-law is smearing  lavishly over the bobbatlu or Indian flatbread stuffed with spiced fragrant lentil and jaggery paste, which she is dishing out one after the other, making my taste buds dance with glee. I simply loooovvveee this festive fervour and eagerly wait for it.

Thursday, 31 March 2016

Menthya Soppina Chitranna Recipe / Ugadi Recipes / Lemon Rice With Fenugreek Leaves Recipe ~ Ugadi Special

Continuing with the Ugadi Special Recipes here, as we inch closer to the Ugadi celebrations with each passing day. My entire home is undergoing a deep cleaning and every nook and corner of my home is being spruced up. There is a lot of din throughout the day as from ceilings to a/c vents to sofas to carpets, you just name it, everything is being sprayed, soaped, mopped, wiped and made squeaky clean. All this intensive cleaning will be over by this noon and then immediately after, the entire family will get into a shopping spree including little D. The excitement is so clearly visible on each and everyone's face. This is what I love about festivals, the joy and happiness it brings with it, even days before it arrives.

Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Bajra Chi Bhakri Recipe / Bajra Roti Recipe / Indian Flat Bread Made With Pearl Millet Flour Recipe ~ Maharashtrian Cuisine

Bajra Roti is an Indian flatbread made out of the flour of Bajra or Pearl Millet Flour. This is gluten free flour and very rich in fibre. Tastes delicious when served with any curry. Making these Flatbreads with bajra flour requires a wee bit practice. As there is no gluten in this flour therefore rolling out the breads needs to be done carefully as cracks might appear all over the bread and finally the bread might break into pieces even before reaching the griddle.

Raw Mango Halwa Recipe / Ugadi Recipes / Kachche Aam Ka Halwa Recipe ~ Ugadi Special

Ugadi or the Telugu New Year is on the 8th of April and the hustle bustle in my home is quite palpable. I am so glad that little D is learning about the diverse cultures that she belongs to with her parents hailing from different parts of India. Little D gets to enjoy and celebrate so many different festivals and she is lucky that her grand~mum enriches her with all the legends behind the various celebrations and rituals. I can see that her tiny fingers still have faint traces of the colours of Holi, which she joyfully celebrated only a few days back and here she is again getting ready to revel in the festive spirit of Ugadi. This weekend she will go shopping for new dresses, ornaments and many other things with her grandparents as we all will get ready to welcome the New Year with great pomp and joy.

Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Shahi Tukra & Moong Dal Halwa Canapés Recipe / Holi Recipes ~ Holi Hai !!

Happy Holi to all my dear friends and precious readers. Whether you are celebrating the festival of colours or not, I will wish you joy and smiles on this day and everyday of your life. We are having a Holi Party tonight after all the fun and frolic with colours throughout the day today. Before all the fun begins and I am sprayed with colours all over, I decided to finish all the dishes for tonight's Holi Dinner party. So I woke up this morning even before the sun and finished all the preparations and most of the cooking for the party. I just left the Appetizers ready to be just grilled and served. Since this is a party of very close friends and family only and not a very big gathering, I decided to cook everything myself and not hire a professional chef or maharaj, which I would have done for a larger gathering.

Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Pichkari Pulao Recipe / Holi Recipes / Vegetable And Cottage Cheese Balls Pilaf Recipe ~ Holi Hai !!

Continuing the Holi Celebrations here on My Tryst With Food And Travel, let me tell you all lovely people, a little about another place in India which is on my must visit list , to experience first hand Holi Celebrations. This small hamlet in the North Indian state of Uttar Pradesh is very famous for its Holi celebrations, known as Lathmar Holi. Barsana, a small town in Uttar Pradesh , is known as the Holi Hub of India and is the place to watch Lathmar Holi being played. Even this Holi legend revolves around Lord Krishna and Radha. Barsana is the birthplace of Radha. The legend of Lathmar Holi goes, that on this day, many many years ago, Lord Krishna visited Barsana and playfully teased Radha and her friends, the Gopis. They all got angry on his act and chased Lord Krishna away from the village using sticks. Lath stands for sticks and Mar means to beat.

Friday, 18 March 2016

Dahi Gujiya Recipe / Holi Recipes / Stuffed Moon Shaped Lentil Dumplings In Yogurt ~ Holi Hai !!

The festival of Holi will be celebrated in India with pomp and vigour in less than a week. As we all Indians, no matter in which part of the world we live, gear up for the festival of colours, Holi, one can easily see the preparations, to stock up on different types of snacks and sweets have already begun in most Indian, Hindu households. As my kitchen too starts to revel in the holi festivities with the woks emanating a sugary aroma sometimes, sometimes spicy, my kitchen becomes a place where the moment you step in the salivary glands go into a frenzy.

Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Matki Chi Usal Recipe / Moth Bean Sprouts Curry ( Maharashtrian Style) Recipe ~ Flavours Of Maharashtra

Dear friends and readers, this post is a continuation of my earlier post on Maharashtrian Cuisine. I will share with you some more facets of this very delicious cuisine. Mumbai as we all know is not only the capital of Maharashtra, but is also the financial capital of India. Apart from leaving a distinct mark on the world map for its very prominent and extremely popular film industry, Mumbai is home to two very popular dishes namely 1) Vada Pav and 2) Pav Bhaji. Vada Pav is basically deep fried Potato dumplings coated in gram flour batter, served inside a square bun or pav with liberal servings of coconut chutney and a very spicy yet yummy dry garlic chutney. Pav Bhaji is basically a vegetable mish mash, wherein vegetables are steamed, spiced and mashed finely with a masher and served along with a soft bread roll or pav. Starting from Mumbai Airport , you will find the city dotted in every nook and corner with shops selling these two fast food dishes.

Monday, 14 March 2016

Zunka Bhakar Recipe / Jhunka Recipe / Bajra Chi Bhakri Recipe / Gram Flour Curry Recipe / Bajra Roti Recipe ~ Flavours of Maharashtra

I never tire writing this that how lucky I am to be born in a country where within every few miles there is a change in cuisine. Countless number of dishes abound this traditionally rich culturally diverse country. I don't think one lifetime is enough to be able to gather knowledge of all the different types of dishes that exist in the nook and cranny of India. I am thankful to the Culinary Hoppers because of whom it has been possible to cook so many different dishes from different regions of India in the realms of my kitchen every single month for the past one year and two months. This time the regional fare to experience was Maharashtrian food and I must say that I loved doing the research online and taking to friends and reading books to know more about the food and the nitty-gritties that go into making it in this particular region.

Friday, 4 March 2016

Chicken Chettinad Recipe / Chettinad Chicken Curry Recipe ~ Chennai Food Adventure Series / Eat Like A Local Series

As promised, here I am with the recipe of Chicken Chettinad, the first among the 10 dishes which I think is a must eat when you visit Chennai. To get the taste of Chicken Chettinad similar to the one that I had eaten in Chennai, I must have cooked the dish 4 or 5 times, till I was able to nail the exact taste or let me put it, very close to the exact taste of the Chicken Chettinad I had in Chennai. There must be a number of versions that this dish must be cooked. I too had a few recipes with me which I tried and also got my Tamil friends to eat and give their opinion about. The one which was approved by all including my own senses, I am putting down that recipe here, so that no matter in which part of the world you are, you will be easily able to create the dish with a taste very close or maybe almost similar to the one which is cooked in Chennai or Chettinad.

Monday, 29 February 2016

10 Must Eat Food In Chennai (My List) / 10 Famous Food Of Chennai / My List of 10 Things You Must Eat In Chennai

Chennai to me has been a city with a very rich culture and deep rooted traditions which have touched all spheres of life there including food. During my engineering course in Bangalore, Chennai would be the transit station for my journey and in the time gap that I would get between alighting from one train to boarding the next, there would be many a stolen moments to quickly bask in the diverse attributes and gorgeous seascape of this city.

Sunday, 14 February 2016

Instant Doughnuts Recipe ~ Celebrating Valentine's Day With A Platter of Edible Love

Whenever someone has asked me, what is love, I have always said the same thing. I have deciphered love as that feeling, which you have for someone, for whom you want the best every single time, worry about their well being, want them to be happy, hale and hearty and in any given situation think about them before you think about yourself. The people who feature in priority in your prayers are the ones you love, is what I believe. 

Monday, 8 February 2016

Bengali Vegetarian Thali ~ A Splash of Unassuming Nuances And Striking Flavours

Bengali Cuisine has the nuances which have been imbibed from a very long and rich history with strong influences from the Mughal style of cooking, the British Babus, whose khansamas ( male cook ) modified the existent Bengali cuisine to suit their palates. Not only that, the style of cooking dishes, also varied as one passed through the length and breath of Bengal itself. Then there are also many dishes from Bangladesh which was earlier a part of Bengal, India. 

Saturday, 6 February 2016

Shorshe Dharosh Recipe | Sarson Wali Bhindi Recipe | Okra in Mustard Gravy Recipe

Shorshe Dharosh or Okra in Mustard Gravy has been my most desired way of cooking and eating okra. I have an immense liking for the Mustard Gravy which is infused with the pungent and strong smelling mustard paste cooked in mustard oil flavoured with nigella seeds, Bengal's indispensable whole spice Kalo Jeera. Another jewel of a dish from my paternal grandmother's treasure trunk of recipes. With this dish I continue my series on Bengali Vegetarian dishes.

Thursday, 4 February 2016

Plastic Chutney Recipe | Kachche Papite Ki Chutney Recipe | Bengali Style Raw Papaya Chutney Recipe

Continuing the series on Bengali Vegetarian dishes, I bring to you, dear readers, a tongue tapping side dish called Plastic Chutney. This chutney is made with raw papaya and has a very unique texture . I don't know why this Chutney came to be called Plastic Chutney. I assume it must have been to do with the thinly sliced papaya slices, used in this Chutney and their close resemblance to small pieces of plastic sheets. Even my Ma and aunts think the same. I am yet to come across either a folk lore or any history associated with this nomenclature. If any of you my valued readers know how this chutney came to be called Plastic Chutney please leave me a comment on this post and I will happily include the trivia. 

Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Posto Narkel Bora Recipe | Khus Khus Aur Nariyal Ke Vade Recipe | Poppy Seeds, Coconut Fritters Recipe

Unlike the common belief that Bengali Cuisine is mostly about non-vegetarian dishes, there is a huge repertoire of Vegetarian dishes too. Many of my friends have asked me about these vegetarian dishes which abound Bengali cuisine and so I deceided to do this post and a series of posts after this one, to take you all, my dear readers into this treasure trove of Bengali Vegetarian fare. There are Blogger friends who are documenting and sharing vegetarian recipes and one such Blogger whom I immensely admire is Soma Saha Ray. Do check out her Blog Curry And Spice by clicking on the title of her Blog here. You will get many vegetarian Bengali dishes there right out of her kitchen and also those dishes which her Mother, Mother-in-law and grandmothers have passed on to her. 

Friday, 29 January 2016

Masala Prawn Popcorn Recipe

It's the weekend and my time with little D. We do are Mummy daughter things mostly on the weekends. But this weekend my little darling is down with a nasty cold. To make things worse, the anti histamine syrup prescribed by her doctor is making her drowsy and grumpy. My poor darling has lost her priceless smile as she is tucked away under her favourite tinker bell blanket, clinging to her tinker bell doll, as if almost hoping that this fairy doll will sprinkle some magical powder on her which will make her feel better. For a mother nothing can be more heart wrenching than seeing her little one unwell, even if it's just a common cold.

Monday, 25 January 2016

Garbanzo Beans, Apricot, Dill Meatballs Recipe | Vegan Meatballs | Kabuli Chana, Khubani, Suva Meatballs Recipe

In a world full of different people, we do not realise how many have touched our lives, influenced our thinking and shaped the person we are today. Even before we realise they have encircled us with a whiff of beautiful thoughts, sprinkled invaluable ways to improve ourselves and we without even realising, have been imbibing a little from each of them and evolving into who we are at this moment. But, that point of time, when this realisation dawns on us, we should without much ado, thank these priceless individuals and treasure them in our lives.

Pomegranate, Jalapeño, Mango Leather Chutney | Anardana, Jalapeño, Aam Papad Chutney Recipe

Chutney's from the Indian Subcontinent is that side dish which always enhances the flavour of the dish it is paired with. Chutney's are very versatile in nature and you can let lose your creativity to put together Chutney's of your imagination. You can dish out a relish or a yogurt dip with condiments or grind together roasted lentils with coconut or many other things to get the platter you serve it along with totally pepped up.